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How to Choose a Window Cleaner.

Selecting the right window cleaner is important. The wrong window cleaner could  leave your windows with a film that will quickly collect dirt, could damage your outdoor plants, soil your carpets with dirty feet or dirty water, or disappear without a trace, leaving you no one to call for reimbursement.

Selecting an experienced, professional window cleaner who has been in business for years will ensure you get a quality job. Your windows will stay clean longer, your carpets will stay clean and your outdoor plants will remain healthy and happy.

When interviewing prospective window cleaners, ask about their experience, how long they have been in business and whether their work is guaranteed. For your protection, make sure they are licensed and insured.

Remember, a low price isn’t always the best value. Quality, honesty and reliability are also very important. One of my recent customers told me the last window cleaner she hired stole some of her jewelry. That was a very expensive ‘cheap’ window cleaner.

Crystal Clear Window Cleaning has been in business since 1984. We are licensed and insured.

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How To Clean Solar Panels

Solar panels must be cleaned several times a year so that they operate at peak efficiency. Typically, water is used to clean the panels. The hard water in Fresno, California will leave spots on the solar panels. This will degrade their performance. After the solar panel is washed, it should be dried off so no minerals build up. Never hose off the panels and allow them to air dry.  In the Fresno area, this will leave hard water spots that will degrade the performance of the panels.

Keeping your panels clean will allow them to produce at their maximum efficiency. We recommend cleaning solar panels at least 3 times a year; early Spring, Early Summer, and again towards the end of the summer.

If you are going to do it yourself, you should use a very small amount of window cleaning soap in the cleaning water. Scrub one panel at a time with a special window cleaning pad, then remove the water from the panel using a high quality squeegee. Use a lint free cloth to dry the edges of each panel. This will leave the panel surface clean and dry. If your array is several panels deep, you will need a pole to extend your reach. Be careful not to drop the pole or the tools on the panels. This could crack the glass.

If this sounds like too much work, call Ken, the owner of Crystal Clear Window Cleaning at 559-455-3634 or contact us at for a free estimate.

Clean Windows Make the House Look Great!

I’ve cleaned a lot of windows lately. When I’m done, I stand back and enjoy the ‘Crystal Clear’ view. It always looks so good. The windows just seem to disappear!

The other day, I pressure washed my own house and washed the windows. The outside looked so much better. The walls were brighter and the trim was clean and white.

Now, when I walk by the windows, I see the world outside, not the glass. It makes the house seem bigger and cleaner.

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